June 2023 Malaysia Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Raw Materials Exhibition

Exhibition time: June 18-20, 2023
Venue: Malaysia International Trade Exhibition Center (MITEC)
Organizers: Malaysian Timber Council and Singapore Pablo Publishing & Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Agent in China: Zhongying (Beijing) International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

The 2023 Malaysia Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Raw Materials and Accessories Exhibition (MWE2023) is an exhibition you should not miss! Jointly organized by the Malaysian Timber Council and Singapore Pablo Publishing and Exhibition Co., Ltd., two raw materials and woodworking service organizations based in Southeast Asia, MWE 2023, as a platform for the world's top exhibitors, will bring together world-class exhibitors in the industry.

At this year's MWE exhibition, a large number of international raw material producers, exporters, woodworking and machinery suppliers and their buyers will gather in Malaysia again to showcase the best products for everyone. For the upcoming MWE2023, the exhibition area will be upgraded to 12,000 square meters. Experienced suppliers can provide their high-quality products and services to target customers here.

June 2023 Malaysia Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Raw Materials Exhibition (2)

Exhibition Advantages Introduction

1) Business communication
The best way to develop new business is face-to-face. Here, you have ample opportunities to network and network with internationally recognized giants in the wood industry. MWE will be the leading wood industry exhibition in Malaysia, providing you with unlimited innovative business opportunities.

2) Covering major players in the timber industry in Southeast Asia
Malaysian woodworking is one of the leading timber industries in Southeast Asia, with major exporting countries including the United States, China, Japan and Australia. The industry also has potential for further development and has strong support from industry players. The Malaysian government and MTC plan to promote the development of the wood and furniture industry through talent development, entrepreneurial opportunities and improved relations with industry players, with the goal of eventually entering the international market.

3) Expand business and enhance influence
Malaysia Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Raw Materials Exhibition ( MWE ) is an excellent platform for you to seek innovative solutions and apply them to improve productivity. MWE 2023 will officially return as an offline exhibition. With the reintegration of the industry, more sparks will come out. You can maintain old customers and expand new business through MWE 2023.

June 2023 Malaysia Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Raw Materials Exhibition (1)

Woodworking Machinery
Woodworking machinery, accessories and tools: woodworking knives, wood processing machinery standard parts and materials, sheet forming equipment and accessories, wood surface processing and treatment equipment, waste application and energy regeneration equipment, sawn wood drying systems, sawing technology, sawing Machinery and equipment, round timber and sawn timber measuring and optimization systems transport, forming machines, etc.

Forestry machinery and equipment, tools and parts: forestry machinery, wood cutting machinery and forestry lifting and conveying machinery, etc.

Furniture production machinery, equipment and tools and automation systems: metal furniture machinery, furniture packaging machinery, hinges and parts drilling machines, pressing machines, molding machines, planers, lathes, drilling machines, sawing machines, stamp making machines, mattress machinery, sofa machinery etc.

Furniture accessories and wood products
Furniture accessories and wood products: wood products: fiberboard, assembled furniture, wooden furniture and accessories, furniture accessories, trimming accessories, wooden doors and windows, wood, logs, hardwood, cork, plywood, veneer, decorative cardboard, various panels , Moldings, wooden floors, wooden handicrafts, decorative wood and wooden decorations, cabinets, abrasive products, surface processing and treatment equipment, woodworking techniques for construction, related wood products, etc.

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