Premium National Standard Particleboard: Functionality, Durability, and Sustainability

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Introducing our National Standard Particleboard, a premium product that combines functionality, durability and sustainability. Made with rubberwood as the main raw material, this versatile particle board is designed to meet all your project requirements. Our particleboard has a complete range of specifications, thicknesses from 12mm to 25mm, and different environmental protection grades such as E1, E0 and CARBP2 to choose from, making it an ideal choice for professionals and homeowners.

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One of the outstanding features of our National Standard Particleboard is its impeccable surface quality. By utilizing rubberwood as the main component, we can produce flat shapes that are second to none. The even grain ensures a smooth and silky finish, making it ideal for veneers or any other finishing needs. Whether you are creating furniture, cabinets or interior structures, our particle boards will meet and exceed your expectations.

In addition to its excellent surface properties, our national standard particleboard also has excellent physical properties. Uniform density throughout the board with excellent static curvature strength. This means it can withstand heavy loads and resist bending or warping, ensuring the longevity and stability of your project. You can trust our particleboard to give your structures and furniture the reliable support they need.

Plus, our national standard particle boards are not only a solid choice for your project, but an environmentally friendly choice as well. We offer E1, E0 and CARBP2 environmental rating options, giving you the opportunity to prioritize sustainability without compromising quality. By using rubberwood as a raw material, we contribute to the responsible use of resources and minimize our environmental impact. Choose our particleboard and build a greener future with us.

When it comes to versatility, our national standard particle boards excel at offering endless possibilities. Due to its exceptional stability and uniformity, it can be easily cut, shaped or molded into various forms to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a professional craftsman, DIY enthusiast or interior designer, our particle boards will be the perfect foundation for your creativity.

All in all, our national standard particleboards are the ultimate choice for all your project requirements. Using rubber wood as raw material not only has excellent surface quality, but also ensures durability and stability. By offering different environmental ratings, we enable you to make sustainable choices without compromising performance. Embrace the versatility and eco-friendliness of particleboard with us and make your projects stand out with reliability and excellence.

Product Usage

Mainly used for custom furniture,office furniture and other decorative substrates.

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Product Advantages

1. Use rubber wood to produce good plane surface shape, uniform texture and good stability.

2. The surface is smooth and silky, matte and fine, to meet the requirements of the veneer.

3. Superior physical properties, uniform density, has the advantages of good static curvature strength, internal binding and etc.

4. The raw materials for the production of particle board are pure, easy to process in the subsequent use process, saving processing costs, and are welcomed by users.

Production Process

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Provide Services

1. Provide product testing report

2. Provide FSC certificate and CARB certificate

3. Substitute product samples and brochures

4. Provide technical process support

5. Customers enjoy product after-sales service 

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